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We Are The Only Firm...

We are the only firm to have ever maintained all licenses for negotiating debts as well as separate licensing/registration for negotiating credit reports. As the only firm to have ever offered full service, licensed credit repair, Damian Falcone & Co. has experience with every type of debt and credit negotiation. This means more options for you and your credit.

All Debt Types

We have experience in all debt types: Mortgage, Credit Card, Medical, Student, Time-Share, Car Loans, and have achieved a 100% reduction in each.

Track Record

More than 70 percent of our clients from 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 received a monetary reduction or lender sanction within four months of their service agreement.

No Bankruptcies or Foreclosures

None of our clients with service agreements since 2010 have resulted in a foreclosure or bankruptcy

What Can Credit Repair Do For You?

Whether you are looking to get a new home, better terms on a loan, or need help relieving financial stress, meet with our experts to see how our proven process can help you reach your goals.

Help Buy a Home

Credit Repair is best utilized if you're preparing for a major financial event, for example purchasing a home, taking out a loan, or buying a new car.

Credit Repair to Buy a Home

Get Better Rates on Loans

Our services can help you access the best loans with the best rates for you and can put you in a better place to negotiate your existing debt.

Improve Your Loan Terms

Increased Financial Wellness

You're doing everything right, but still don’t seem to be getting ahead. You don’t have to figure this out alone, put our financial experts to work for you.

Let Us Help

Our Process Puts You First

Tell us about yourself. We do the rest. We’ll collect basic information to evaluate your specific debts and credit history. You’ll also share with us what your goals are whether for a new major purchase or to relieve stress. We have helped our clients with a variety of needs and goals and are eager to help you, too.

Our advice empowers you to meet your financial goals the smarter, faster way. A complementary consultation is held to identify what we can improve on a credit report and with existing credit and debt accounts. A personalized strategy is then drafted for your life and financial goals. At the end of the process all of your credit repair options will be explained.

With our free credit evaluation you’ll know exactly where you stand and what you’ll need to do to get to achieve your desired financial goals. After this plan is discussed, we'll execute an agreement for Damian Falcone &Co. to manage and handle our agreed upon financial plan. We ensure that you're always on track with our smart credit repair that doesn’t take over your life.

Our process is designed to achieve results for every type of financial goal and need. Your financial plan will be administered by the firm while we closely monitor and actively manage your credit and debt health to reach new heights in credit worthiness and financial stability.

Ready. Set. Goal. With our financial and legal experts on your side, you are sure to improve your financial health and be well on the way to reaching your goals. Once your credit worthiness and reports are improved, we will work with you to find and negotiate the best terms to get you the best results possible. Better credit, better terms, better options for you and your goals.

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Certified & Licensed

Damian Falcone & Co. is the only company in the history of the State of Nevada to maintain all licenses for negotiating credit and debt consecutively. We believe this coupled with economic events of the last decade have provided us with unique insight into negotiating debts and credit reports

We're Not Like Other Credit Repair Companies

  We’ve held more licenses to negotiate credit and debt than anyone in Nevada’s history. Our goal to provide value efficiently required a different path but provided a distinction and experience that allows our services to continually evolve. Our firm’s principal Damian Falcone is one of the few financial experts handling consumer credit and debt management in the country. Most practicing firms are legal teams with little licensed hands-on negotiating, term management, and repayment experience and this can result in damage to their clients’ credit reports. We've also developed unique, proven processes and software we believe results in a higher success rate in deals and lender sanctions for our clients, including over $20 million in client savings. including over $20 million in client savings.

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