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A full-service expert Credit Repair team with the results, expertise, and experience that no one else in the state can match.

We are the foremost credit and debt experts in Nevada. Damian Falcone & Co. helps people better manage their credit and debt to grow their wealth and create financial stability through proven processes and results. Meet our pioneering team of credit, debt, financial, and legal experts working hard to secure your financial success.

Firm Principal and Founder Damian Falcone

Damian Falcone Credit and Debt Expert in Nevada

Damian Falcone CSP, CSO

Expert Credit & Debt Restructuring Specialist

About Damian Falcone & Co. Founder and Firm Principal

Damian Falcone has been pioneering credit and debt management services specializing in financial restructuring for clients in the state of Nevada since 2009, maintaining an incredible success rate with over 70% of his homeowner clients reaching agreements or lender sanctions within just four months of signing service agreements.

Damian Falcone is the founder of Falcon Credit Management (2009), the first and only company licensed in the state of NV to provide full service Credit and Debt Management Services. He also founded Damian Falcone & Co. (2011) to work with more complex financial restructuring specializing in foreclosure cases.


Office Manager Kim Thoren

Kim Thoren Office ManagerKim Thoren

Client Liaison & Office Management

Kim Thoren has been with the firm for years, aiding with office responsibilities including file management, client and partner liaison, and business organization. She is one of the first faces and new clients and business partners come in contact with at Damian Falcone & Co.







Executive Coach Robert Mack

51ApAEdEsRL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Robert Mack, MBA

Executive Coach & Business Consultant

Robert Mack is a positive psychology expert, meditation teacher, and published author. He was educated at Swarthmore College (Bachelors in Psychology) and the University of Pennsylvania (Masters in Positive Psychology), an ivy-league institution.

Robert has published five books to date, including Happiness From the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment (2009), which has been translated into various languages including Chinese.

Robert’s profoundly simple teachings have helped countless people throughout the world – including celebrities, athletes, models, corporate executives, and everyday people alike – find greater peace and happiness in their lives.



Get Repaired Series Host, Real Estate Transaction Agent Claudia


Host of Damian Falcone & Co.’s Get Repaired Video Series and Real Estate Transaction Agent

As part of the expertise Damian Falcone & Co. seeks to provide prospective clients and consumers, one of our primary efforts is to distribute legally-sound and proven advice to consumers free of charge via our video series Get Repaired. Get Repaired provides tips and free expert guidance accessible to consumers online along with samples of successful results from our firm’s real clients.

Claudia is the bilingual host of our Get Repaired series, guiding consumers through the highly-detailed and often times complex process of handling credit repair on your own. She also gives guidance on how to know if you have fraudulent loan paperwork or how to remove incorrect items from your credit report. Check out our latest Get Repaired videos under our Credit Repair Resources, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube for the latest expert advice.


Real Estate Broker Jennifer Holder and Win Win Real Estate, Inc.


Jennie Holder, MBA

Managing Broker/Branch Owner at Win Win Real Estate, Inc.


Jennie Holder has practiced real estate in the state of Nevada for 20 years. She is known for keeping her client’s needs uppermost in her priorities. As founder of Win Win Real Estate Brokerage, she is an expert at developing successful agents, thus, creating results for her clients and firm.

Win Win Real Estate is the exclusive brokerage partner of Damian Falcone & Co. Win Win handles the firm’s residential and commercial real estate transactions including the special needs of our short sale clients. As our real estate partner, Win Win plays the important role of ensuring our clients successfully sell or find their dream homes.


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