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True Credit Repair

Most firms may practice “credit repair” as a service where they just petition to remove items off of your credit report. We are here to tell you this is not, in fact, true credit repair.

While Credit Repair services include removing items from your credit report and ensuring that your history is accurate, it also includes the more difficult tasks of improving your credit worthiness and financial outlook.

Because of our unique combination of licenses we can both contact credit repair agencies and creditors on behalf of clients as well as negotiate our clients debts with those creditors. We can also validate debts by contacting debt collectors, get invalid debts removed from your credit report, and update any valid debts with accurate information and reporting.

There is a combination of required licenses, negotiation experience, and legal knowledge that enable us to be incredibly successful at contacting and interacting with credit reporting agencies and debt collectors on behalf of our clients. Their success is our success, and our results prove why we are number 1.

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