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Damian Falcone & Co. Uniform Debt Management License

This license allows for the licensee to offer services of Debt Settlement. Read below to learn how many companies hold this license in the nation and Nevada (you’ll be surprised).

Damian Falcone & Co. UDM License

Damian Falcone & Co. UDM License


Uniform Debt Management

Presently 32 Companies hold this license in the nation, and only one 1 company holds this license in Nevada

Does your attorney, real estate agent, mortgage broker, or friend’s friend offer Debt Settlement?

In Nevada there is a license for these services called the Uniform Debt Management license and 1 Company in Nevada has it.

Do you want someone to:

  • Provide Credit Counseling and assistance to an individual concerning debts owed
  • Negotiate debt-management plans
  • Negotiate debt settlement
  • Maintain Trust Accounts
  • Receiving money for the purpose of distributing it to creditors

Then ensure that they have a Uniform Debt Management license on file with your state governing office. If you’re in Nevada, we’re the only licensee in the state who can handle your debt settlement needs and services.

Below are the Uniform Debt Management licenses held by Damian Falcone & Co., the only firm with a UDM license in the state.

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