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Foreclosure Mediation


The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program began in 2009 and we maintain the 2nd oldest license in the State of Nevada for representing homeowners in foreclosure mediation. Additionally we maintain the longest history of lender sanctions in the program beginning with the first monetary lender sanction in the State of Nevada awarded to a licensee in Williams vs US Bank.

The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program Halts the Foreclosure process and is a great opportunity to re-negotiate your mortgage terms and avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy. Your lender is required to provide the loan documents associated with your loan and if they do not present all of them correctly they are not permitted to proceed with foreclosure. Your lender is also required to follow guidelines for processing your application and you are given the opportunity to receive a sanction against your lender for violations you are able to document.

Receiving a sanction against your lender applies a great deal of leverage for you to receive the deal you are requesting. Knowing state and federal laws including lender servicing guidelines is something we specialize in. Every client from 2013 and 2014 have attended Foreclosure Mediation with a list of lender violations we were able to document in the time leading up to mediation. This is one of the main reasons why none of our client service agreements from 2010 to present have resulted in a foreclosure or a bankruptcy.

Foreclosure Mediation

Foreclosure mediation is one of our strongest and most consistent services and the results reflect that fact. Almost all of our foreclosure mediation clients (95%+) receive a deal or lender sanction within four months of signing a service agreement. Not a single client has been foreclosed on for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015.

Principal Reductions & Principal Forgiveness

Due to most credit repair companies’ inability to contact a creditor legally it is common to hear removal from a credit report resulting from a dispute described as a 100% principal forgiveness though this is not correct.

We have achieved 100% principal forgiveness on every type of loan clients have brought to our office including 1st Mortgage, 2nd Mortgage, Student Loan, Time-Share, Credit Card, Medical Bill, and Gym Membership and are proud to be one of the few firms able to claim this distinction. We have also achieved the easier task of having each of these credit listings removed from a credit report.

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