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Foreclosure Mediation


The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program began in 2009. We maintained the 2nd oldest license for representing homeowners in mediation until mid-2017. Additionally we maintained the longest history of lender sanctions including the first monetary lender sanction in Williams vs US Bank.

The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation Program Halts the Foreclosure process and has been a great opportunity to re-negotiate your mortgage terms and avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy. Your lender is required to provide the loan documents associated with your loan and if they do not present all of them correctly they are not permitted to proceed with foreclosure. Your lender is also required to follow guidelines for processing your application and you are given the opportunity to receive a sanction against your lender for violations you are able to document.

Receiving a sanction against your lender applies a great deal of leverage for you to receive the deal you are requesting. Knowing state and federal laws including lender servicing guidelines is something we also value as beneficial.

The Nevada Foreclosure Mediation program was very beneficial for our clients and a reference for future programs that will provide an affordable process for lenders and borrowers to come to a reasonable resolution.

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