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IRS Tax Debt

The IRS issues a Centralized Authorization File number to allow service providers and third parties to be able to contact the IRS and to speak to them on behalf of a client. It authorizes third parties to represent taxpayers before the IRS, or to receive and inspect confidential tax information on active tax accounts or those accounts currently under consideration by the IRS.

The IRS CAF combined with our other Uniform Debt Management license allows for us to represent clients to the IRS and to negotiate their debts with the IRS directly. With just an IRS CAF number we’d only be able to obtain information but not legally negotiate or handle client’s debts and payments. Our unique standing as the only Uniform Debt Management license holder in the state of Nevada makes us the only choice when handling IRS Tax Debt. On the other hand, our results and history make us the first choice.

More licenses, the only

  • Damian Falcone holds more licenses to negotiate credit and debt than anyone in Nevada’s history maintaining the 2nd oldest license for mortgage negotiation and the 2nd oldest registration for credit repair and the only person to hold both.


  • We have achieved a 100% reduction on every type of debt for our clients: 1st Mortgage, 2nd Mortgage, Student Loan, Time-Share, Credit Card, Medical Bill, Gym Membership.

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