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Loan Modification


We’ll help you get out of an upside down home loan and make your house affordable again. As a licensed Covered Service Provider we have the resources, expertise, and tools to negotiate and transform your current mortgage into an opportunity that works for you and your family’s life and budget. We also have the results to prove it – none of our clients in the last 6 years have gone into foreclosure or bankruptcy. We strive to keep the families and clients we serve in their homes; it is simply our standard for doing business at Damian Falcone & Co.

Loan Modification is the service for us to negotiate new mortgage terms on your behalf following a delinquency. Whether you’ve been late on your payments in the past or may be in danger of foreclosure, this service can be right for you. We’ll help you get back on track.

Our Success Speaks for Itself

  • Damian Falcone & Company has maintained the highest success rate in the state of Nevada for loan modification since licensing came into existence in 2009.

We Beat the Odds

  • Although 2/3 of loan modifications are said to go back into default our clients have honored the agreement they have entered into more than 95% of the time.

Only Pay for Results

  • We do not accept a fee for loan modification unless the deal is accepted by our client.

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