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Loan Modification


For almost a decade we negotiated for Nevada homeowners to get out of upside down home loans and other mortgage issues making their homes affordable again. As one of the few licensed Covered Service Providers we took a different path. Financial services require investments in efficiency and experience to build an effective model. We have not seen this available to consumers for their credit and debt and we continue to work on improvements. Corporations have been managing their credit and debt for decades. Normal people have been relying on common sense and their best guesses. Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program provided an affordable option normally not available in credit and debt negotiations. In order to provide an effective model and provide value to our clients we researched and built tools to improve credit and debt. Although other service providers avoid these expenses we continue due to the undeniable results we experience. We have the results to prove it – none of our clients from 2010 to 2017 went into foreclosure or bankruptcy. Even though banks consistently paid service providers more for a sale, during this period of time less than 15% of our clients sold their homes – it is simply our standard for doing business at Damian Falcone & Co.

Loan Modification is the service we offered successfully including the early years when you could turn on a tv and hear “Loan Modification is a Scam”, “Loan Modifications Don’t Happen”, “Banks Only Extend The Term They Won’t Reduce Your Interest Rate”, “Principal Reductions Don’t Happen”…

Our Success Speaks for Itself

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